How lightweight is it?

To check the site size on Firefox or Chrome, open a new private/incognito window, right click on the blank page, select Inspect, go to the Network tab, enter the URL in the address bar and press Enter. The transferred size appears in the status bar at the bottom of the Network tab.
GTmetrix site size: 1.7 KB, 4.1 KB uncompressed

Contact info

email office[AT]zeplia[DOT]com
twitter @ZepliaLab

Starter kit for lightweight sites

Starter kit for good looking, viable, lightweight (under 2 KB compressed), production-ready sites with all the bells and whistles of modern web included. Ideally, the total size of all assets (HTML, CSS, favicon, etc.) downloaded by the browser when opening the page is under 2 KB.
This is an open source project hosted on GitHub with a very permissive license. Feel free to fork and use as you see fit (PRs are welcome). It features: